Here's thanks to our lockdown YouTube heroes

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Hello loves,

I wrote this little ditty in the summertime last year. It seemed then that our lockdown was coming to a close. In the end, it turned out to be a comma rather than a full stop but now it seems as though we might finally be edging back to, well, whatever the world was like before March 2020.

No one knew what to expect and we were all a bit terrified and for us, a large part of that was trying to protect our beloved wild-heart boy from the worst of it. This is not helped by his inquisitive nature (much as we love it). In the event, we were helped along enormously by some awesome YouTube creators who quickly became a fixture in our little isolated fortress! In a time of unbelievable uncertainty, they gave us a little bit of normal (or regular, at least!).

No amount of thankings seem quite enough but I'll have a go here regardless!

Thank you Maddie, Greg and Joe


Stay well everyone!

Beer garden soon, you can buy me that pint you owe me!



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